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Is your leadership team is ready to take your business forward & meet the challenges of tomorrow? 


Innovation supports companies to achieve these ambitions, and more, through inspiring leadership teams and giving them the tools to deliver their best performance 

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A business is only as good as its people. So, to improve performance, you need to improve those people. Everyone wants to be the best they can, but they need support and the right culture to enable them to deliver at their best.

All staff have a role to play in a business, but the management team have the most impact and influence the way the rest of the team operate. Turning them from managers (focussing on directing staff to meet objectives and firefighting) to leaders, (creating a team vision and solving problems at their root cause) creates long term business improvement.

Leaders create a trust-based environment, where mistakes provide an opportunity to  learn, not things to shy away from and blame on other people. They use coaching skills to develop their teams and empower them to find solutions, and constantly look for ways to improve.

The culture leaders develop delivers strong sales results as the whole team works together to deliver what’s needed and are accountable for their actions. It creates an outstanding customer experience as every customer is owned throughout their journey and their needs considered. And it creates engaged staff as every individual has an opportunity to make a difference and deliver to their potential.

Managers are transformed into leaders and given the skills to grow and lead their teams through a comprehensive leadership coaching programme.

"I am confident that all those who took part, have gained real management and life skills for work from this process and I would recommend Sally Smith and Innovation to any company who are willing to be open minded and open to change, in return you will strengthen your team greatly”

– Jeremy, Sales Director

Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is designed to support the development of the individuals within a leadership team. This can be provided on a 1-2-1 basis where a coach works with an individual to improve their personal skills, or as team coaching where the coach works with the whole team to improve the way they work together and ensure that the sum is better than the parts.
Whichever version is applied, the coach and managers work together as equals, and the coach facilitates learning and self-discovery among the participants.

1-2-1 coaching

1-2-1 coaching enables senior managers to improve their performance, by focusing on their own development and behaviours. And then, with those new skills and behaviours, improve the performance of their teams.

The coaching focuses on improving the manager’s self-awareness, to enable them to see themselves through the eyes of others and therefore realise their own areas of weakness. Once they become aware of their weaknesses (and we all have them), and can acknowledge them, then a coach can support them to find alternative approaches or behaviours and strengthen their personal effectiveness.

Leadership coaching is very powerful as the change is driven by the manager, rather than at the request of a third party. Managers find a new path for themselves, and then choose to follow it so they believe in the changes that they are making. This active choice also means the improvements are sustainable in the long term.

The 1-2-1 time also gives managers an opportunity to clarify their thoughts and find focus in busy lives where time to think through things is rare and they often have to jump from one thing to another firefighting. This increased focus will help managers deliver the things that will are the most important and have the most impact on their team and their results.

1-2-1 manager coaching sessions are at the heart of any coaching programme and are frequently provided for all members of the leadership team. Each manager has six / eight sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours and held either face to face or through an online video call. Telephone and email support will also be provided between the sessions. The agenda for each session will be provided by the manager, but within the business parameters agreed with the project sponsor. The detailed discussion in the sessions is completely confidential and both the coach and manager will sign a contract to confirm both commitment and confidentiality.

A 1-2-1 leadership coaching session follows a four-stage process:
  • Stage 1 - Analysis

    An analysis of where the manager is now - understand their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities

  • Stage 2 - Targeting

    Identify the coaching goals and agree on the coaching plan

  • Stage 3 - Implementation

    Follow the coaching process

  • Stage 4 - Analysis

    Evaluate success

Team coaching

Team coaching follows the same principals as 1-2-1 coaching and is designed to improve self-awareness, both in terms of the participants own behaviours, but also those of their team mates.

With a team coaching session, the coach works with the whole team at the same time in order to enhance its effectiveness.

Topics covered could include the following:

  • Improved communication
  • Managing and resolving conflict
  • Prioritising objectives
Team Coaching

How can Innovation help me?

Innovation can provide a range of options for your business, from a one-off team coaching event to improve team effectiveness, to a year long programme to change business culture. 

We provide a range of solutions that will support any business challenge or budget. 


The best way to understand how we can support your aspirations is through a detailed discussion with you about your business objectives and challenges. From there we can draw up a bespoke plan using any of the following elements:

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Team coaching
  • 1-2-1 coaching
  • Team profiling
  • Leadership team assessment 
  • Individual Leadership skills assessment
  • Manager 360 reviews
  • Staff engagement surveys

All the fact finding meetings are free of charge and no financial commitment is made until a plan has been approved.


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About us

Innovation was established by Sally Smith in 2015 to inspire managers to become leaders that deliver outstanding business performance

I’ve spent many years working at board level in companies, and during that time seen a number of ‘training’ programs designed to improve business performance and customer experience. Most of these showed quick short-term results, some lasted a few months. But almost always most of the new actions had been abandoned and old practices had resumed six months later.

It became clear this type of activity wasn’t going to develop businesses and deliver the results that are needed, or support staff to deliver the industry leading customer experiences everyone strives to achieve. I believe sustainable change needs to come from the top. Teaching front line staff to change won’t have a long-term impact but helping a manager lead them through support, development and empowerment will. Only real leadership development will achieve those results.

This realisation led me to leave the corporate world and complete an MA in coaching and mentoring at Oxford Brookes. An opportunity to both develop my leadership coaching skills and learn more about how coaching develops cultures that deliver business success. Since then I’ve been working with a range of clients, gaining insight into businesses of all sizes, developing their leadership teams and demonstrating the business results this achieves. My work as a Non-Executive director and Trustee continues to keep me up to date on the challenges faced by leadership teams and within the automotive industry.


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Sally’s leadership experience includes board level roles such as Network Development and Quality Director (PSA UK), Parts and Service Director (Citroen UK) and Head of Parts and Service (Honda UK).

Alongside her leadership coaching, she has developed an international coaching programme for an automotive client and works as a Non-Executive Director for a dealer group in the North West and as a Trustee for two UK charities.

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Having never experienced this style of coaching before, I was unsure what to expect and the outcome that could be achieved, however, after my first session (and subsequent sessions) I was impressed with how at ease I felt within the coaching environment.

Sally’s technique of coaching has allowed me to think in an alternative way than perhaps I would have previously and has been a great benefit moving forward within the work environment.


Sales Manager
My objective in seeking coaching was to make better decisions and to focus on what was important in my work, away from some of the distractions of the everyday which were sometimes clouding my judgement. The experience was a total success from my perspective, as Sal asked insightful and challenging questions to draw out my own experiences and values and get to the heart of the issue we were discussing. I felt clear and confident in taking the steps agreed, some of which I had been grappling with for a while, others which have gone on to make a significant and positive difference to my life.


General Manager

Sally Smith spent a number of months with our company, with the remit of one to one coaching with our line managers and directors. Our aim was to strengthen, empower and motivate our managers to grow in confidence into their ever-evolving job roles.

Through these face to face and virtual coaching sessions, I believe our managers and myself, gained greatly in the listen, discuss and implement process which Sally instilled into us all. This in turn, enabled us all to disseminate this process downwards to our general staff, who in turn saw the benefits of this coaching style. The strength of discussion and joint implementation cannot be over emphasised as a direct change to the traditional ‘show and tell’ what to do, management style.

I am confident that all those who took part, have gained real management and life skills for work from this process and I would recommend Sally Smith and Innovation to any company who are willing to be open minded and open to change, in return you will strengthen your team greatly.


Sales Director

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